Manse on Marsh Pushes The Limit By Winning The Caring Star Award Twice

The assisted living facility Manse on Marsh, has been called one of the best in the nation and has also won the Caring Star award for its second year in a row. The Manse on Marsh facility is located in San Luis Obispo in California and is a common favorite among long time residents. The facility has an excellent 5-star rating overall on the site and has no standing complaints from any customers. It takes an impressive amount of work and desire for quality to receive the Caring Star award, especially considering a 4 star overall rating is required, coupled with an individual 5 star rating. The Manse on Marsh company was able to gain several 5 star reviews just during their consideration for the award.

The Manse on Marsh facility uses an excellent care plan system for their residents, which allows their staff to build and organize personalized plans to meet the needs of each resident. A care plan like this ensures that their are no unnecessary expenses for services that the residents do not use. Such services include weekly management of medications, meal reminders, bathing and grooming help, and a whole lot more. Logan Sexton, the current CEO and Director of Manse on Marsh, said that winning the award was testament to how much the residents enjoy and appreciate the time and care they have at the facility.

Winning an award such as the Caring Star is extremely helpful to a assisted living community such as the Manse on Marsh facility and its future residents. People are much more willing to join a facility that they see is receiving many positive and high rated reviews from others, and something such as the Caring Star award is like a the highest rating a assisted living facility can receive.’s co founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andy Cohen, said the intent of the award was to recognize and value facilities that provide premium services and also show people where they can place their trust.

Why Would Someone Take Kyle Bass’ Investment Tips Seriously?

A lot of people actually take Kyle Bass seriously because they think that they are listening to and watching someone who is an expert in his field. It is very hard for people to learn what is right when they hear the wrong things from Kyle Bass, and they would be much better off if they just spent their time trying to make sure that they researched all that they hear.

Kyle Bass thrives in a place where people are never actually checking out what he says. He can get by because people are not willing to prove him wrong, and they do not think about what he says. They just assume that he is right. Someone who researched his advice about betting against Chinese currency would learn that the Chinese can stop a raid on the currency. Someone who hears him say they should challenge drug patents will realize how expensive a lawyer is.

Someone who is listening to Kyle Bass every week will notice that he has actually said something and then contradicted himself without addressing it. He is given a forum to just talk as much as he wants, and he never has to explain why he was wrong in the first place. In most cases, people should not actually be investing in what he is talking about in the first place.

Kyle Bass is not to be believed because even the most novice investor can figure out that he is not genuine. He just talks where people let him, and he talks about things that do not help people make money. He is able to waste money because he can, but he does not consider how hard it would be for a client to do what he does. Avoiding him and going with someone else is a much better option.

Automated inmate Forms and Grievance Application; the Future for Correctional Facilities is Here

The leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology, Securus Technologies has announced its plans to save customers a lot of time and money. The solutions provider pledges to implement its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on the ConnectUs platform.
The company focuses on providing solutions for:
• Public safety
• Investigation procedures
• Corrections and monitoring
The vice president of the company, Mr. Russel Roberts read in a statement that Securus Company is devoted to providing new features and technology to their customers continuously. He added that the Innate Forms and Grievance application is an excellent illustration of their will to modernize its clients with the most modern and efficient technologies.
Correctional amenities employ paper forms in numerous inmate requests. These uses may include:
• Grievances
• Handbook acceptance forms
• Sign up forms
Officers deployed at these facilities spend a lot of time while maintaining the paper forms. This application has simplified the procedures required while creating custom forms necessary for any request. In a nutshell, the app transforms manual paper processes to digital automation. This application is saving staff at correctional facilities invaluable time and money which they can use to concentrate on safety and security of the inmates. Moreover, the application allows inmates to view self-service forms and view the status of the requests they have lodged.
Chief Kolitwenzew was particularly full of praises admitting that the application will save the Kankakee County Ill a lot of resources that would otherwise have been used to cover paper costs. He also noted that the application is quite user-friendly during installation.
The ConectUs platform is very robust and rich in features. It enables inmates to access numerous applications as selected by each facility. This will ensure that the correctional amenities have control over what applications the inmates will have access to. Additionally, the user interface is designed to support many different languages.
Please consider visiting Wikipedia to learn more about Securus Technologies and their products.

The SEC Whistleblower Program And Its Role Of Deterring Securities Violations

Currently, whistleblowers are significantly reporting on securities violations to the SEC. That follows the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform as well as the Consumer Protection Act in 2010. It is the most considerable overhaul of the financial regulation in the United States since the Great Depression. One of the key reforms is the creation of a new whistleblower program, which offers essential employment protection. It also provides financial incentives to people that report potential contraventions of the federal securities regulations to the SEC.

Labaton Sucharow was the initial law firm to create a practice fully focused on advocating and protecting SEC whistleblowers. The firm did that as a response to the revolutionary legislation. Capitalizing on the firm’s leading securities litigation platform the Whistleblower Representation Practice leverages an in-house team and the experience from state law enforcement. The in-house team is made up of world-class investigators, forensic accountants, and financial analysts. The aim is to offer unmatched representation for the whistleblowers.

Jordan A. Thomas leads the practice. He is a former assistant director as well as the assistant chief litigation counsel in SEC’s division of enforcement. He played an integral role in the formation of the Whistleblower Program during his tenure. His contributions include the drafting of the proposed legislation as well as the final rules for its implementation.

The rules of the program dictate that SEC should pay suitable whistleblowers 10-30%. That is from the monetary sanctions gathered through successful SEC enforcement actions where sanctions amount to over $1 million. Additionally, if that threshold is achieved, whistleblowers can also qualify for extra awards. The additional amount depends on the monetary sanctions collected in actions that are related. These actions must be brought by different regulatory enforcement organizations. The Act also bans retaliation by employers against the whistleblowers that report to SEC in line with the program guidelines. Noteworthy, the whistleblowers can report anonymously if they are represented by an attorney.

For more information about the SEC Whistleblower Program as well as to request a case evaluation, a person can contact the Whistleblower Representation Team. That is by telephone, email, or by making electronic submissions via 

The first case evaluations and consultations are free, confidential, and covered by the attorney-client privilege. People are not required to give the names of the possible securities violators. They are also not allowed to give their personal identification information during the first consultation as much as it is highly encouraged. International whistleblowers can obtain translation services once they make a request.