Doe Deere, An Inspiration for All Women

There are a lot of woman that want to start their own business. They may not be sure what they can do to make their business going and working the way they want it to. The good news is many woman can learn from those that came before them such as Doe Deere.

Starting a Business

For many women starting a business is a great thing to do. They may have ideas as to what they want to do and just need to figure out how to start. The biggest thing is to know how they are going to start a business. They should have a business plan to get them started. This way they know what they are doing and know what to expect with the business. Once they have an idea what they want to do and how they are going to do it, they only need to worry about how they are going to pay for it.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a business woman that started her own makeup company. She saw a need and then filled it with her own line of makeup. It wasn’t an easy road. She had to do a lot to get her business going and then to come up with a branding and advertising package for it. This was the most costly part of her business after getting her makeup line done. She pushed through and created a makeup that is different and fun for anyone that wants a different kind of makeup for their needs.

Can Anyone Do It?

Anyone can create a business if they find a need and then work to fill it. They only need to have a knowledge of the business and a plan to get them going. The plan will help with funding as well as with the creation of the business. If the business has a direction, then it will take off. It will take some time to happen, but it will happen if the owner is willing to put in the time to get it going. This can be as simple as doing the leg work to get their name out there and get customers. If there are no customers, then the business isn’t going to work.

Anyone looking at starting a business should take their time and know what their plan is going to be. This way they can expand their business as needed and get everything done that needs to be done. They also will know what their budget is and what they need to work on. Take a page from Doe Deere and make your business great.

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Caring Star Awards Leading Assisted Living Facility

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility based in downtown San Luis Obispo. The facility uses a state of the art Assisted Living Care Planning System that is nationally recognized. They provide various services including medication management, bathing and grooming, meal reminders, and much more.

The organization is determined analyses the resident’s unique situations and design a program that suits their needs. You will only pay for what you need. Throughout the Central Coast, the Manse on Marsh is the sole facility that provides this comprehensive care planning system.

The Manse also prides itself in offering seniors with loving care within the upscale residential facilities within a modern town set up. The amenities include private homes, spacious flats, quality open dining areas, social activities, convenient transport, nurse on staff, maid and laundry services, and attentive caregivers.

Manse on Marsh Receives “Caring Star” Award

The Manse facility was recently honored with the “Caring Star” award. The program recognizes service excellence as decided by the memory care and assisted living communities in the U.S. The ranking is acquired from consumer rating and senior care directory reviews.

For the facility to qualify for the Caring Star 2015 Award, the community needed to receive at least three customer reviews between 1st December 2013 and 1st December 2014, and earn a minimum of one 5-star review within the same period. The average overall star rating must be at least 4, in addition to zero unresolved negative reviews. Online reputation is also considered in deciding the final winner.

The Caring Star awards program is the first in the senior living industry and is now in the fourth year running. The program earned recognition in the 2013 National Mature Media Awards due to their efforts in helping consumers make informed choices in the senior living services. The program also provides direct feedback to operators within the senior living industry concerning the user preferences.

Every year, Caring Stars communities are recognized and profiled in various media platforms and provided with special facilities and items to showcase the awards.

Placing Bets on College Football Games Online

It has been quite an exciting college football season so far, as certain teams that were expected to dominate have done so, while some other teams that were ranked low have come out firing. Alabama continues to dominate, after coming into the season as the highest ranked team, they are one of two undefeated teams, sitting at 10-0. Western Michigan is the only other team that hasn’t been beaten, yet they still sit pretty far down the rankings at the 14th spot. The field is wide open for the rest of the one loss teams, which has created an exciting atmosphere for the last handful of weeks of the season. If you are a college football fan that loves turning on the tv and watching your favorite teams duke it out on the football field, you may want to try adding another element of fun, by throwing some money on the line.

Online betting has gotten extremely popular and the best site to place some bets is, which offers a variety of different styles of betting for all sorts of college football games, although you can bet on just about any sport on their site. A huge amount of fans login to each week and place their bets on whether or not they think a particular team is going to cover the spread, while others are placing bets on the over/under, which is betting on whether it is going to be a high or low scoring game. If you aren’t sure how to place a bet, or simply can’t decide which teams you want to put your money on, one of the best things you can do is check out who is the favorite in each game, as well as looking into what experts have to say. There is a great deal of information on the website, which should help you get all the knowledge you need to make your picks on each college football game. If you decide that you want to place a bet on the game and try to cover the spread, make sure you take some things into account, including whether or not major players are out for injuries, as well as which team is hosting the game. If you make the right calls, you may be on your way to stuffing your pockets and making watching college football that much more entertaining.

Norka Luque’s, Music Offers Hope for the Millions of Fans

Venezuelan-born sensational singer Norka Luque is reaching out to millions of fans worldwide through her music, which is full of messages of hope. Her music is particularly inspirational and espouses that believe that even in a world full of multiple challenges people can still achieve their endeared dreams and change their lives for better. Her positive perspective is inspired by personal experiences she faced herself, and that shaped her immense value and appreciation of life.


Luque’s parents groomed her for music from an early age, but it was not until recently that her fame rocked the mainstream media. Almost instantly, Luque achieved stardom.


As a student, while pursuing other specialties in Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Fashion, and Marking, Norka Luque kept her music interests alive. She joined a band and with it toured a lot and learned a great deal concerning the European music scene. Her keen interests would eventually pay up in 2008 when she met Emilio Estefan Jr, the renowned music producer.


Estefan teamed up with popular composers Hermanos Gaitan, Luigi Giraldo and Archie Pena that helped Luque to create the wildly popular song Milagro. The successful hit draws flavors from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean rhythms. The song supports the message that with the right steps, change can be achieved. It was successful in the U.S, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, and gained a great popularity on Latin Music Billboards.


Norka Luque believes that through music as an art is forever evolving; in genres and rhythms, the message it relays to fans should steadfastly remain unchanged. It should continually foster hope and positivity, and that is any artist’s principal responsibility more so because music lyrics are capable of transporting people to their deepest emotional levels. She feels that though societal dynamism will inevitably redefine music its place in the society should remain the same. Music as a tool of supporting people rise above the struggles of life should be a gift by artists throughout different ages. This is a philosophy Luque is efficiently propagating with her music.


Luque could still be said to be relatively new to professional music, but her music is now reaching people around the global en masse. Her inspirational lyrics couldn’t have come at better time, especially now when the world is facing global despondency. The inspirational singer’s well-crafted words of encouragement are needed and appreciated with equal measure by audiences around the world.

George Soros Works with Democracy Alliance to Oppose Trump

George Soros and other liberals who contributed millions to support Hillary Clinton gathered in Washington to develop strategies to thwart Donald Trump.

The Democracy Alliance donor club, or DA, sponsored the conference, which included leaders of most unions and liberal groups, such as House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The meeting marked the first gathering of the institutional left to deal with Trump’s stunning victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election on According to Politico, liberals plan to conduct a trench warfare against Trump beginning with his recently announced plans for his first 100 days in office. The conference agenda referred to Trump’s 100 Day plan as “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements — and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.” The participants also plan to be mightily active in the 2017 and 2018 elections.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1930, but had to flee the Nazis in the 1940s. In 1956, Soros moved to New York City, where he began his financial career. Soros’ philanthropic giving is renowned and his lifetime giving amounts to more than $7 billion, much of which was given to political groups that support his liberal values.

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Soros is a key donor and driver in the role of Democracy Alliance. The DA, supported by its donors and beneficiary groups, has shaped many institutions of the left. In the presidential election, some of its key organizations rallied around Clinton, betting that minorities and women made up an unrepresented electorate that would rise up and tip the balance in favor of the Democrats.

Gara LaMarche, president of the DA, told donors that some reassessment was in order. According to Politico, LaMarche said, “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics.”

LaMarche added that in order to properly reassess its goals, the DA would have to avoid finger-pointing and frustration in order to gear up to resist the Trump administration on Forbes.

Soros spent more than $25 million on the Clinton campaign. He and his DA partners are unlikely to let Trump’s presidency go unchallenged.

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Trusting Twenty Three Layers

Have you been assigned the important task of planning an event? If so, you’re likely overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Party planning is certainly not for everyone and requires a lot of patience and creativity. If you think you’ll need assistance in planning your event, you’ll want to consider hiring an event professional to help you. Hiring an event planner will ensure everything goes smoothly and all details are taken care of without added stress. If you think you will hire a professional, you’ll want to keep a few factors in mind before deciding on a company to hire.

Getting some key points down on paper will help you stay organized while speaking with candidates to hire. Where will the party be held, who it’s for and if their is a theme are great things to know before interviewing. Make sure you figure out your budget as well so this helps the planners to be sure of what they can provide you within that price range. Before talking to any companies, make sure you do your research h. You’ll want a reliable company with lots of good reviews. So once you’ve got a few in mind, start the interview process. Once talking to professionals, you’ll know who fits your event best and from there, you’ll keep constant contact with your planner on details for your event.

Event planners in NYC come in large abundances but one you need to check out is called Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is one in many event planning companies in New York City but they are full service and have wonderful testimonials and samples of their work all over the Internet. You will fall in love with their themed work in parities, big and small all through New York. This company is one of the top rated in the area, and you will love how thorough they are in their planning endeavors. If you’re looking for talented and reliable, Twenty Three Layers is it!


Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and local solutions to the correctional market. While the company gains adoption on a massive scale among inmates, they also provide services and technology to aid public safety, monitoring, correction, and investigation. Securus Technologies has announced that it has received accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in Texas.


The Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, said that the company has continually worked with the Texas-based Better Business Bureau to receive the formal accreditation and the highest A + rating. Moreover, they received the ratings because they provide a benchmark in what they issue and say in print. This is a voluntary action on t part of Securus Technologies. For this reason, the better business Bureau has worked in conjunction with the company to meet the requirements stated below.


  • Honor Promises – Abide by all spoken and written presentations.
  • Embody Integrity – Approach al Market transactions, business dealings, and commitments with integrity.
  • Be Responsive – Address any disputes raised in the market quickly, professionally and in good faith.
  • Safeguard Privacy – Protect collected data against fraud and mishandling, collect personal information only when it is needed, respect customer preferences regarding information use.
  • Be Transparent – Openly identify ownership, location, and nature of business. Disclose all policies clearly, procedures, and guarantees that bear the customers decision to purchase.
  • Tell the Truth – Honestly present services and products, including adequate and clear disclosures of all material items.
  • Advertise honestly – Adhere to the set standards of advertisement and selling.
  • Build Trust – Maintain and establish a positive record in the marketplace.


To enhance and improve customer services to over 25 million family members and friends, the company has established a domestic call center which houses over 220 seats as one of the largest in the industry.



Wikipedia Is A Fresh Marketing Idea

Marketers are constantly looking for alternative ways to revamp their marketing strategy. Certainly, this is the way to stay competitive on the Internet. However, finding alternative strategies that actually work is frustrating. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that receives millions of visitors daily. Therefore, it is a great marketing tool. As a marketing tool, Wikipedia has a number of great advantages. For example, it cost much less than a full blow traditional marketing campaign. A business page that is placed on Wikipedia might generate a much faster response than months of traditional marketing strategies that might cost thousands of dollars.

Wikipedia Pages
Experts state that Wikipedia is the fresh new face of marketing. They suggest that the marketer create a Wikipedia page that follows the sites very specific guidelines. In addition, they should think about including Wikipedia back-links, carefully monitoring their Wikipedia pages, and incorporating Wikipedia’s other projects into their marketing strategy. Creating Wikipedia pages is a good marketing plan for just about any type of business that wishes to survive online. However, writing guideline specific pages that make the Wikipedia cut is extremely frustrating for the average marketer. They should not give up, help exists in completing this arduous task. Get Your Wiki is a site that offers their professional writing services to individuals, small business owners, corporations, and non-profits.

Get Your Wiki
A well-written and well-managed business page on Wikipedia has the potential to reach millions of people. Those well written and managed articles have the potential to reach the top of the search engine results too. Those business pages on Wikipedia might create a storm wave of advertising that engaging millions across the Internet. Writing by Wikipedia’s specific guidelines is a difficult task without guidance of a professional writer. However, Get Your Wiki writers are professional writers and Wikipedia editors that do all the hard work for their clients. Certainly, Wikipedia pages are a valuable asset for the business. The key is to find a professional writing service that is able to create well written pages that accurately depict the business. Get Your Wiki writers have the knowledge and experience to write compelling business pages that engage readers and keep them coming back for even more. Their professional writer’s will create, edit, and update a Wikipedia page for you or your business. Thus, taking all the hard work out of the entire process. Contact Get Your Wiki for more information or a quote.

NFL Best Bets

Betting on NFL football can be a very exciting and exhilarating experience for nearly anyone that’s willing to take the risk. Football wagers give a whole new meaning to watching your favorite teams go at it on Sunday afternoon. After placing the bet be prepared for your enthusiasm to reach new heights, especially if things are going your way. When money is added to the equation, heart racing, edge of your seat action is likely a guarantee. Also there are times, depending on how the game goes, which one can expect to experience an emotional roller coaster ride that can often last throughout the game. When placing a bet, a good rule of thumb is to always have a little extra cash on hand, just in case things don’t go your way for more than one game.

Football betting is considered one of the most popular forms of gambling, in fact it’s right up there with playing the ponies as far as popularity goes, and this is especially true when choosing to do so online. There are also definitely bonuses to placing bets online. One great aspect is the convenience this offers, no need to travel to the nearest bookmaker can generally be a big plus. Another good advantage is the choice of option that are available online. This includes the ability to choose from several bookmakers to find out who offers the best odds. Also the capability to see all the match ups, odds, and results on screen instantly is a nice feature.

After having made the decision to bet on some games, it’s time to do your homework. This involves obtaining as much information as possible about the two teams you’ve elected to bet on. When placing a bet online recommended sites like can not only supply this vital information, but also offer one of the best places to bet on football. All the different team statistics as well as individual players stats are readily available. Also there you’ll find all NFL odds, college odds, and of course odds on the big one, the Super Bowl. If your looking for tips on ways to bet, such as placing a wager on the spread or wanting to bet the over and under this know how is easily obtainable. At one is not restricted to only football, they also offer NBA and NCAAB betting as well. So if your looking to enhance some of your NFL entertainment this is a great way to add some extra icing.

Bob Reina-Devoting His Success to Help Others

Since opening in 2007, Talk Fusion has been devoted to helping people. They are committed to realizing dreams, building futures, and giving back to communities globally. Founder and CEO Bob Reina’s mission is to change lives all over the world.


According to Bob, “With great success comes grater responsibility.” This is also the driving DNA that is integrated into Talk Fusion’s very culture. Bob donated a record-breaking $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has saved the lives of countless animals because of his generosity.


Bob has even launched a free charity account that lets every Talk Fusion Associate to donate a free account to the charity of their choice This Custom Monthly Plan account includes customization, branding, and access to all of Talk Fusion’s video marketing products including video newsletters, live meetings, video email, sign-up forms, and video chat.


Bob has also helped the Nepal people that were affected by an earthquake through his personal donations and fundraisers and has giving his time and resources to help those in Japan affected by the horrible tsunami.


His goal to help nonprofits and charities globally, help reach more people and spread the message, has helped further the cause and better the lives of countless people. He has devoted his life to finding new and effective ways to help others reach their own goals and live their dreams through his innovative business.


Bob Reina is humble and down-to-earth. Founder of the Brandon-based video company, Talk Fusion, he’s always had a concern for the well-being of others and has turned his success into a tool to help the less-fortunate all over the world. He was previously a County Sheriff’s Deputy in Hillsborough before ending up in direct sales. He then began a network marketing position while he continued to work at the police department.


Although he’s made his fair share of mistakes, he kept going and didn’t give up and because of his perseverance he’s been able to become a huge success and even help countless people all over the world, while still being humble and thankful for his success.